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The Waltons Hamner House

The Waltons Hamner House differs from its likeness, you might be stirred by a sense of nostalgia when you see it. You might even recognize it and not know exactly why. More popularly known as The Waltons House, the Hamner House is the childhood home of Earl Hamner, Jr., novelist and creator of the TV series, The Waltons. Inspired by his upbringing, the show Hamner famously adapted from his novel Spencer’s Mountain follows the lives of the fictional Walton family in a Virginia mountain town of Schuyler from 1933-1946. The show aired from 1971-1981 and won numerous Emmy Awards.




A diverse group of actors, directors, producers, family and friends all come together to share their memories of Earl Hamner, Jr. and working on various shows and movies he has written. Television shows including The Twilight Zone, Falcon Crest, Appalachian Autumn, Gentle Ben, Nanny and the Professor and The Waltons are highlighted. Movies such as Spencer's Mountain, Palm Springs Weekend, Heidi and Charlotte's Web are also included. This documentary film celebrates Earl Hamner the man, the storyteller, and how he has enriched our lives through his writing.

Earl Hamner once said, "There were eight of us. Tall, lean, fine-boned, red- headed youngsters growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia during the Depression. My father called us 'his thoroughbreds,' and put us on a pedestal. CBS called us 'The Waltons,' and put us on television."  These stories and more in "EARL HAMNER STORYTELLER"



Waltons German-American Fan Site

In May 2009 we fulfilled our long-cherished dream and traveled through the southerm states and along the east coast of the Unites States. As we are big fans of " The Waltons" we traveled to Virginia to visit the area around Charlottesville, especially Schuyler. In the TV series Schuyler is named "Walton's Mountain". And here is the home of the real Waltons, the Hamner family.

The following years we attended the annual Waltons Reunion in Lynchburg, Virginia and had the chance to meet many cast members from the TV show and also got the opportunity to meet the creator of the Waltons, Earl Hamner personally on whose childhood memories the series is based. To our great pleasure we were also able to visit the Walton house on the film site in Los Angeles.

In Germany and all over the world are still so many fans of the Walton so we decided to create this webpage. You may find our travel reports about our visits to the Walton's Museum (yes, it really exist), our experiences we made at the Waltons Reunions in Lynchburg and Los Angeles, our visit in the Blue Ridge Mountains and much more. Furthermore you will find many many pictures of our trips to the USA, of the wonderful Blue Ridge Parkway and many photos of the cast members, Earl Hamner, the Walton House and much more. Our site is constantly updated so you can expect always new details of the Waltons, the Hamners, the museum and, and, and.

Click through and enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment in our guestbook. And now .... have fun !

Waltonfriends Dagmar and Manfred



The Waltons Friendship Society

This was started in 1990 in England. Two years later it was reorganized by Ray Knight and Irene Porter. They ran it for members via a regular newsletter and kept fans of the show informed on all things to do with the famous series. Irene has done a sterling job over the years and has now decided to take a back seat and has been made an Honourary Life Member of the Society in recognition of all the hard work, effort and pure dedication she has given to the society. It is here that we recognize the work Irene has put in for the Waltons Friendship Society.

The Society has adopted the words spoken by creator Earl hamner as a sort of strap line for the Society, " They Endured And They Prevailed".



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